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New Carpets in Stock at East Tamaki

It can get chilly in East Tamaki, and sometimes, a hardwood floor just won’t cut it. You may not want to get out of bed on a cold morning, but at the least, you can look forward to taking your first steps of the day on a soft, comfortable natural wool carpet. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch, check out our East Tamaki location and see some of our soft carpets we stock in our showroom.

Why Carpet?

With the cool breezes around Mount Wellington, a hardwood floor can get pretty cold. Imagine getting home, taking off your shoes, and stepping onto one of our wool, nylon, or triextra carpets.

Did you know that carpet can actually reduce the number of allergens in the air? If you’re dealing with pesky allergies, or even dust in the air, carpet flooring might help. This is because the carpet fibers trap the dust and allergens in the carpet, which means that they won’t be in the air that you’re breathing. To get rid of the allergens trapped in the carpet? Simply vacuum.

As New Zealand leads the world in so many natural products, we are proud to offer our customers around Auckland the asthma and allergy free friendly Brease range of carpet.

If you have young kids, carpet is a great choice. Kids are often tumbling, running around, and falling. Carpets are much more forgiving than a hardwood floor, making it a great family carpet option. Worried about stains? Try one of our darker carpets, like our Elendel carpet in the shade Trench. It features stain resistance, too, making it a great choice.

Carpet is easy to take care of, since you won’t have to worry about sweeping, mopping, or polishing. Instead, vacuum once or twice a week to keep your carpet looking good. Every year or so, you can also use a steam cleaner to get a deep cleaning.

Carpet in East Tamaki

We have a variety of colors and textures of carpets available at our East Tamaki location. There’s something for every home with our luxurious Eternity brand. If you want a reminder of the sandy beach, try Archer in Alabaster, a solution dyed nylon carpet with twist fibers. Its neutral tone will give you the creativity to be as simple or complex as you want with your furniture and design. This light color will open up any room and is great for bedrooms.

Our textured nylon carpet would look great in a riverside home in Otara. Our Delano carpet in Weaver is a deep, chocolate brown color that features extra soft nylon loops that create a visually appealing pattern. This carpet would be great in any room, but even better on upper floors since the thick carpet will dampen the sound of someone walking.

If you’re looking for something extra cozy and extremely durable, try one of our Temuka brand wool carpets. If you want something simple for your modern home, try Atlas Peak in Hero Gray. This loop pile texture will add length to your room, making it perfect for small or narrow rooms. The combination of this color and texture make it easy to mask stains, making this a good option for a child’s bedroom. Plus, gray goes with everything, so when you’re ready to repaint the walls, you won’t have to worry about matching the carpet.

We’ll be excited to see you at our East Tamaki location. Click on the Google map below for driving directions.

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