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Timber Flooring in Tauranga

Timber Flooring for Bay of Plenty Houses
Many of the older houses around the Bay of Plenty region are built with original timber flooring which is one of the reasons why timber flooring is a popular choice for new houses or when renovating. Whether you want to create a beach house vibe in a home you just bought or you just want to change it up, our new flooring store in Tauranga has many timber flooring options in stock for you to choose from.

Why Timber Floors?


If you’re trying to decide what type of flooring you want for your home, look no further. Timber flooring is durable and will last a lifetime! Because of its long lifespan, timber flooring is a great investment. And there’s nothing better than using a natural material for your flooring when you live around Tauranga Harbour.

The seaside beauty of the Bay of Plenty makes timber flooring a perfect compliment to a peaceful and relaxing feeling inside your home. Smooth on the feet after a day at the beach and cool in warmer weather, timber flooring is easy to clean and wears well for a growing family.

Choosing the right flooring can be such a personal decision, which is why we offer free flooring consultations. You can also use our Inspiration Station to view our flooring in your home, by simply uploading a photo of your room and when you visit our wonderful new showroom, we can show you how different timber flooring colours will look in your room.

Timber Flooring in Tauranga
Our Choices Flooring showroom in Tauranga offers a variety of different timber options from our exclusive Boardwalk brand. Draw inspiration from the sandy beaches of nearby Mount Maunganui with Riverdale Sand Dune Frozen timber flooring. This timber flooring features a room brightening beachy shade that will bring the beach right into your home. This would be a great option for a beach cottage on the coast of Matua.


Reflooring an older home can be challenging, since you don’t want to choose something too modern that could clash with the design and structure of the home. Restore and renew your older home with the rustic Dunes Camel Brown Cinnamon, which will bring new life into your home while keeping the character. Dunes Camel Brown Cinnamon is timeless with intricate detailed wood grain, making it a perfect choice.

Lighten up a dark or small room with Dunes White Suede Sherwood or Dunes Pebble Warm Gray. These lighter shades of our timber flooring will look clean and crisp in a modern home. If you like a minimalistic Scandinavian interior design look, then Dunes White Suede Sherwood is for you, as its subtle grain features add a little bit of texture but don’t demand attention.

If you have a more traditional style home, consider First Floor Roasted Peat, a deep brown that will stand out and create depth.

Once you’ve made your decision, your work is done! Sit back and relax while our installers fit your new floor. Their quick and precise expertise will have you ready to enjoy the new look of your home in no time. Stop by our Tauranga location to see what we have. Click on the Google map below for driving directions.


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